YouSnap Review

YouSnap is a camera app developed by CyberLink that can be very useful in real world scenarios, whether in class or at a business meeting.  The general concept of YouSnap is to allow a user to quickly snap a photo of a document, computer screen, whiteboard, presentation, etc. and the app will automatically square up your image and adjust color, image quality, and perspective to give a quality image.  Not only does this app lead to very high quality images, but the pictures can be snapped very quickly.  When using the standard camera, you must wait for the image to adjust before snapping the picture and even patience can leave you with a sub-standard image, especially photos of computer screens.  With YouSnap, you can just point the camera and take the picture, the app will handle any necessary corrections.  These pictures can then be saved as either a jpg or a pdf, which can be beneficial when saved pictures of document or work presentations.

There are a couple of downfalls to YouSnap.  Zooming must be done manually, so if you end of far from a presentation the app will not automatically zoom in to get the best image.  Also, the standard version of YouSnap, which is free on the play store, comes with some pretty annoying advertisements each time you take a picture.  However, if you plan to use the app extensively there is a $1.99 upgrade to get a few additional features and the remove those pesky ads.