YotaPhone 2 – Cold Competition


There hasn’t been much good news coming from Russia, or into it, but one thing is for sure; they can still make a killer phone. The Yota Phone 2 is a breath of fresh air in the smartphone market. While other companies are scrambling to find the next big form-factor, Yota Device’s is evolving the current iteration of smartphone. It’s internals are almost a mirror image of the Nexus 5. It sports a quad-core Snapdragon 800, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and a 5” inch 1080p screen. This device will easily zip through all your app needs and give you that buttery android experience you’ve always wanted.

But what will surprise you is that at a flip of the phone you have something surprising, a high-density e-ink display. While other companies are developing smart glasses, smart watches and pringle shaped phones, there is still a company that knows there’s more that can be done with the current form factor. Almost 7 years after the first popular smartphone came out are we celebrating smartphones that can handle a full day’s use while still maintaining a plush user experience. Yota Device’s goal is to save power by using the E-ink display for viewing persistent media and pushing notification updates.


According to Yota Device’s, the device bolster’s a 50+ battery life when reading from the always on display. The E-ink display couples perfectly with modern display technologies. It read’s great in high-light situations, has low power consumption and high contrast for easy reading. When you’re reading the same page of an article who needs 60 screen refreshes per second, 16 million colors and brilliant contrast for a static black and white page. Better yet the screen can display images that persist perpetually and uses virtually no power while doing it. This is also great for updates from your phone or as a screensaver of your favorite meme.

Yota Phone 2 is a promising new phone that we will surely see more of. Vladimir Putin even gifted the new phone to Xi Jinping, the leader of the People’s Republic of China, with hints of cooperation between the two countries. And cooperation and development is exactly what this phone needs. At an expected price point of $400 dollars, Russia’s flagship phone will definitely stir up the smartphone market.

Showing off the brilliant AMOLED display.

Showing off the black and white versions


YotaPhone 2 Specs