Working with Dropbox in your Android Application

Prior to discussing various web APIs in class this it occurred to me that Dropbox might make a very nice back end for some kind of document/data sharing application where users could choose the content that is made public. I started researching what it would take to integrate Dropbox into a simple application. It turns out Dropbox not only provide Web APIs for their service but also binary  libraries for iOS, Android, Python, Ruby, Java and OSX. Also there are third party SDKs C#, PHP, and Node.JS (who wants to do server side programming in JavaScript…not this guy).
There is a tutorial on the Dropbox website that walks you through setting up a demo application and adding Dropbox connectivity to an exhausting application. Additionally there is a very short and concise walk through of the code required to create a Dropbox session, authenticate a user, view file metadata, and download/upload a file all of which can be done in less than 100 lines of code. So if your looking for a way to cleanly and easily provide document sharing functionality to your app check out the tutorial above.