Why Apple’s IPhone will never beat Google’s Android

Google's Android

Apple continues to sell slightly different devices with a huge price tag, but how long will this work?  How many knock offs will Apple build before adapting to new trends? Apple’s new iPhone 6 finally got a larger screen, widgets, and a 720p resolution — Android’s Nexus 4 already had all these features in its 2012 release.  While a two-year lead might not seem like a lot: let’s not forget Apple was founded in 1976, while Google was more recently founded in 1998, and while Apple released its first iPhone in 2007, Google released its first android in 2008.

Android will not only continue to compete with Apple, but will eventually drive apple out of the picture.  Apple runs in a tight network, while Android is open source.  Apple’s ITunes accidental bricking and continued major malfunctions drive its users permanently away from Apple.  For example, take IPhone’s 3.1 update that rendered most IPhones and IPads incompatible with Exchange 2007 servers that required on-device data to be encrypted — a standard safeguard used by businesses.  Losing a $600 plus smart phone to an update is not something any user would take lightly whether you are a business owner or an individual.  Also Android phones come in many different flavors, sizes, and cost a lot less then iPhones.

Apple is in desperate need of innovation; however, they continue to sell the same product with miniscule differences.  All the while, Google continues to grow and expand into new markets. Google has recently published 10 innovations, such as: Google glass, Google driverless cars, Moto X’s voice recognition, Google TV, and Google Fibre.  Also, bear in mind that Google has been investing heavily in advanced robotics, and it is only a matter of time before Google releases a real android. Could you imagine android applications that not only run in your phone, but drive your car, or command your robot to do your errands without having to type a single word?  In conclusion, if Apple wants to stay in the game they will need to progress substantially before Google closes the technological gap between robots, cars, homes, and phones.



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