Wearable EMG-based HCI for Electric-Powered Wheelchair Users with Motor Disabilities

This paper proposes a novel wearable EMG-based HCI
for the above-elbow amputee or the lower-extremities
paralysis by C4 or C5 level spinal cord injury (SCI).

This system used electrodes to sense neck muscle contraction. A wheelchair is controlled depending on the system’s current state.

The wheelchairs are similar to an RC car, where raising the left side makes the car go right, right side makes the car of left, and both (co-contraction) make the car go straight.

In co-contraction (from still state) the chair starts, and continues to move straight. While moving, another co-contraction with stop the chair.

Single threshold evaluation is a problem for a co-contraction due to timing issues. Both shoulders may not rise at the same time and thus the system may not get the correct state.

To account to this situation, the authors propose a double threshold method. This works by having two thresholds, a primary and auxiliary. When the primary threshold is broken, the auxiliary threshold on the opposite side is checked.  The auxiliary threshold was set to around half the primary.


Robotics and Automation, 2005. ICRA 2005. Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on
Date of Conference: 18-22 April 2005
Author(s): Inhyuk Moon 
Korea Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (KOREC) 47-3 Kusan, Pupyung, Incheon, Korea 403-712; ihmoon@iris.korec.re.kr
Myungjoon Lee ;  Junuk Chu ;  Museong Mun 
Page(s): 2649 – 2654
Product Type: Conference Publications

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