Using the johannilsson android-actionbar library

Although the action bar widget is only supported in Android 3.0 and greater, you can use an action bar library to add an action bar to applications targeted for earlier versions of the Android.

Setup Instructions

1.  Download the actionbar library

2.  Extract the file

3.  In Eclipse go to File –> New –> Android Project

4.  Select Create a project from existing source and give the project a name

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5.  Then for Location, browse to where you extracted the actionbar library files

6.  Click Finish, and the actionbar library is now added to your workspace

7.  In your package explorer, right click the project  you want to add an action bar to, and click Properties

8.  Under the Library section, click the Add button, select the actionbar library project, and click OK

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9.  The action bar library has now been added to your project.

10. For examples and information on how to use the actionbar library in your project, click here

About Jeffrey Starke

Jeffrey Starke was an undergraduate Computational Biology major who discovered an interest in user experience design while taking the mobile programming course. He joined the mobile lab in Spring 2012, specializing in optimizing the user experience. Jeffrey also helped film and edit informational and promotional videos for the lab. Shortly after graduating in Spring 2012, he was hired by iMobile3 as an Android developer.