Using Chrome Remote Desktop Anywhere

Chrome’s Remote Desktop is both an app that you can install on your internet connected Android device and a web extension for your computer’s chrome browser. Both of these applications are published by Google and as such are assuredly secure. In essence, Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to easily control your computer through your Android phone or tablet easily from anywhere you have internet access. It isn’t available yet on iOS, but according to Google it will be soon. It is fairly simple to setup, taking me less than 5 minutes, and once it is setup it is as easy as opening the app, entering your computer specific PIN, and navigating your desktop. Remote connections can be initialized by your mobile device and also terminated by your desktop.


To start, you will need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android here.

Next you will need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for your Chrome browser here.

Keep in mind you will need to be logged into the same Google account on both your Android device and your browser.

In the extension, you will need to click “Enable remote connections” and then enter a PIN you can remember.


For me it took awhile for the services to fully set themselves up and it took a bit of waiting for my computer to go from offline to online. Once it did, though, I entered my PIN and could clearly see my home computer’s desktop. Interacting with it is fairly simple. You click once with one finger to left-click and click once with two fingers, not too close together, to right-click.

The applications of this free and easy to use technology are endless. I personally see myself routinely using this to email myself important files like essays or small source files if I forget my flash drive at home. It also has a sharing feature, though, so that you can share control of your computer with other people. This type of feature has been historically used to help fix problems remotely with family/friends computers.