Using Android Studio

I played around with Android Studio a bit a couple months ago when the semester started, and I thought I’d share my (limited) experiences with it.

The Good:

The auto-complete made writing a ton of code a breeze. Every Android function, every variable, nearly everything could be auto-completed. It felt (obviously) very Android-focused, as opposed to Eclipse feeling like a Java IDE with Android features taped on. It’s personal preference, but I just liked the “feel” of it better than using Eclipse.

The Bad:

It won’t start on Windows 8 out of the box. It compiled slower than Eclipse. Had minor graphical hangups.

The Ugly:

It won’t export as anything but an apk! Imagine the look on my face when I used this for the first homework and had to dump everything manually into Eclipse so I could turn it in.

Overall, it has a ton of potential as “the” Android IDE. We’ll see how it turns out.