Ultra Private Phone

New model built with security and privacy in mind reflect.

The hackers are snooping your snapchats and sexting you grandma, No, not really. With all the hype surrounding mobile security, it makes us wonder what is being done about it. Introducing the Blackphone. Where privacy is right. The Blackphone is a smartphone developed by SGP Technologies, that provides encryption for phone calls, emails, texts and internet browsing. It runs a special version of the Android operating system called the “PrivatOS”  It blocks many of the ways that phones leak data about our activities. It also ships with a wealth of privacy tools which are pre installed and promises impenetrable protection.

But, what are the in and outs of this fortress for a phone?


* Super secure OS

* Bundled with various privacy oriented apps

* Includes subscriptions to several encrypted services

* Capable pair of cameras


* Expensive

* Lower end performance and poorer app compatibility

* Subscriptions that do not last long

* Not user friendly

From the list above, it can be seen that this phone is more software driven than hardware oriented. Its hardware does not stand out as specs are pretty low. This is especially true considering the $629 price tag. So what exactly are you paying for? It is that security driven OS, that promises a paramount of data privacy.

Here is what it features:

* Remote Wipe & Protect – Having control over your data from anywhere.

* Secure Search & Browsing – Surf the internet away from prying eyes

* Secure File Transfer & Storage – Publish, share and keep what you want to yourself

* Blackphone Security Center – Control the flow of data to and from your device

* Secure Voice, Video & Text – Speak and chat freely without surveillance.

Whether it is government agencies, identity thieves, opportunistic hackers or marketers, everyone wants your personal data. If you are the skeptic who thinks you’re being monitored, then the Blackphone will be the right fit for you.