Twilight app helps improve your circadian rhythm(ability to fall asleep)

It is no secret that most people use their cellphone devices while they lay in bed at night before they sleep. Electronic devices like cellphones,computers,tablets ect.. emit a light called “blue light”.Research says that exposure to this light distorts your natural circadian rhythm and causes an inability to fall asleep.

What is circadian rhythm disorder ?

“circadian rhythm disorders is a continuous or occasional disruption of sleep patterns. The disruption results from either a malfunction in the “internal body clock” or a mismatch between the “internal body clock” and the external environment regarding the timing and duration of sleep.”-1

How is it related to cellphone devices ?

A short description would be that  cellphones emit blue light that causes the body to think it is still day time and therefore affecting your “internal body clock”.

How does Twilight the app help with this issue ?

I will explain this by showing what are the functionality of the app. When you download the app it will ask you for your location using the GPS on your device . This information is necessary so that the app can have an idea on what is the sunrise and sunset time in the location you are in. Once it have that information the twilight app makes your screen adapt to the time of the day. “It filters the blue spectrum on your phone or tablet after the sunset to protect your eyes with a soft pleasant red filter”-2 The filter’s intensity changes depending on the sun cycle that is in your location. There is a lot more functionality to the app . You can customize the power of the red filter.Set your own time when you want the app to work . Pause the app and resume  whenever you want and you can stop it.

My personal opinion on the App.

Personally I downloaded this app like a week ago and it really helped my eyes relax  and helped sleep better. I leave the red filter on 24hours since it helps my eyes relax and I enjoy it.

I also downloaded a similar app on my laptop that I can use. I definitely recommend you to download this app and I rate it as a 5 star app.