Trusted Place

You might not know this but you are actually unlocking your phone up to hundreds time a day.

So, for your convenience, Google are implementing a brand new feature for unlocking you phone call “trusted place” on Android 5.0. This useful feature can let you set your home or office as a “trusted place” and once you are there Android will automatically disable your lock screen and reactivating it when you leave the “trusted place”

This new feature is not available for a lot of Android user yet but you will be able to check this new feature out. As for right now, Android 5.0 Smart Lock only have “Trusted Devices” and “Trusted Face” but with Google Play Service 6.5 update, there is an addition option called “Trusted Place”. You can download APK Here.

For people not using Android Lollipop, there is no need to be jealous. There is a way for you to get this feature on your older versions of Android. The “Delayed Lock” in Tasker is making the process easier. They can disable you lock screen when you connect to a specific Wi-Fi, in a certain location or when you device is connected to a Bluetooth device. You can even disable the lock screen when your phone is being charged. The only downfall for is app is it does not support pattern lock or face unlocks method. You can only use password of PIN.