Setting up your virtual device to run OUYA applications

For those of you who don’t know, the OUYA is a gaming console that runs off of android.  I purchased one and naturally I wanted to get some of my android apps to run on my OUYA.  So here is a tutorial on how to get your an emulator set up to run OUYA apps.  My other blog post is a tutorial on how to edit your android apps to run on the OUYA.

To get started you need to setup a device that follows the OUYA specifications, so go to your AVD manager and define a new device.  The resolution is supposed to be set to 1920×1080, which runs terribly slow on my computer so I had to  adjust it to something more appropriate.  For input, D-pad should be checked and buttons are set to Hardware.  Now create a device with your new device definition.  The target API is Android 4.1 – API Level 16 and set the CPU/ABI to the Intel Atom (x86).

You also need to download the OUYA development kit.  Then you need to install the ouya-framework.apk and the ouya-launcher.apk on your device which are found in the kit.  The ouya-framework.apk is required for the ouya-launcher.apk to work properly which allows you to start your app the same way a normal OUYA console user would.

Now you’re all set up to run any OUYA apps on your virtual device!