ContextProvider: Context Awareness for Medical Monitoring Applications

Presented in Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2011

Smartphones are sensor-rich and Internet-enabled.
With their on-board sensors, web services, social media, and
external biosensors, smartphones can provide contextual
information about the device, user, and environment, thereby
enabling the creation of rich, biologically driven applications.
We introduce ContextProvider, a framework that offers a
unified, query-able interface to contextual data on the device.
Unlike other context-based frameworks, ContextProvider
offers interactive user feedback, self-adaptive sensor polling,
and minimal reliance on third-party infrastructure.
ContextProvider also allows for rapid development of new
context and bio-aware applications.
Evaluation of ContextProvider shows the incorporation of
an additional monitoring sensor into the framework with fewer
than 100 lines of Java code. With adaptive sensor monitoring,
power consumption per sensor can be reduced down to 1%
overhead. Finally, through the use of context, accuracy of data
interpretation can be improved by up to 80%

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