BEAT: Bio-Environmental Android Tracking

Presented in Proceedings of the IEEE Topical Meeting on Biomedical Radio and Wireless Technologies, Networks, and Sensing Systems (RWW).

We introduce BEAT (Bio-Environmental
Android Tracking), which provides methods for collecting,
processing, and archiving one’s daily vital and
spatiotemporal statistics using off-the-shelf wireless devices
and biologic and environmental sensors. BEAT can operate
in a self-contained manner on a mobile device and analyze
vital information in real time. It uses statistics such as
heartbeat variance and range thresholds to issue alerts.
Alerts are propagated in a tiered fashion, so that the end user
and his/her social contacts have a chance to detect false alerts
before contacting medical professionals. BEAT is built on
the open Android platform to support a diverse class of
mobile devices. The framework can be extended to a fullfledged personal health monitoring system by incorporating
additional biosensor data such as blood pressure, glucose,
and weight.

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Keywords: Biosensors, Context-aware services, Medical information systems, Mobile computing, Sensor systems and applications, Telemedicine