This new android app helps you organize groups of people to play pick-up sports games with you. It is very useful as it tracks and shows the RSVP status  of the people you invite to your game in real time and displays it to you.

You schedule a game by selecting the date, time, choosing the sport, the location, the minimum number of people that you want to attend and how long before the game the reminder message should be sent. For example, if you are planning a game of soccer, you’ll probably want at least four people to come, and if four people don’t RSVP within an hour of the planned start time, you will be prompted whether or not you want to cancel the event and notify the attendees. Otherwise if four or more people say they are coming, a reminder will be sent to them 15 minutes before the game is scheduled to start, if set to 15 minutes.

After setting up your game, the Game Info screen will display the status of all the people you invited in real time. It works via text messages and displays a list of all your friends you are inviting, updating that list when a response from them is received via text message. A response can either be yes or no. If yes the person will get a check mark beside their name, no means a X. People can change the status at any time up until the reminder time that was set. To start a new game one just has to re-hit Schedule a game and change things.

More features will be added in the future.

By: FSU Mobile Programming – Group 5 (Fast Five)
Members: Daniel Carroll, Manav Kundra, Jeffrey Starke, Brian Murray.

For our video demonstration and to learn more about the app visit http://tinyurl.com/pickupsport.

About Daniel Carroll

Daniel is an undergrad senior student in Computer Science at FSU. He will be working with the Mobile Lab on new interesting projects. He specializes in C, C++, Java and Android programming.