Mobile Technology trends in android

The mobile market has changed the IT market, Android phones are every time getting bigger and bigger screen sizes (like the S3 and S4 from samsung.) Higher resolution is even added to the mobile phones that I believe one day, the resolution will be so high that we wont even notice the difference from previous technologies. Mobile phones are also getting everyday more faster in their processing speeds, so fast that i could say that they are faster and have more capabilities than cheap computers or computers from couple of years ago.  Now carriers give you internet speeds that are much faster than ISP’s in third party countries offer in a landlines. It is true and inevitable, but android is the most mobile OS in the market being used right now, from mobile phones to tablets.  Everyday, android phones and tablets are getting lighter, thinner, and faster. This is the power of technology and of a powerful mobile operating system.  Google this year is planning to update the current version of android and putting  more feature and efficiency in this operating system. It is incredible how fast technology moves, and well I guess we can expect anything for the future years to come.