Microsoft in the Mobile Market

Recently Microsoft announced their plans for the upcoming year by displaying a brand new tablet, called Surface, as well as an update to their Windows Phone operating system that will be known as Windows Phone 8. The new tablet looks as if it has enough innovative features to break into the tablet market but the same can not really be said about Windows Phone 8. As of Quarter 4 of 2011, Android made up 46.3% of the mobile phone market, with iOS contributing to 30%, and Windows Phone 7 only being on 1.3% of smartphones. With the numbers already stacked against them, Microsoft took a huge leap forward with Windows Phone 8. In order to hopefully grab a larger market share, Microsoft announced that none of the current phones running Windows Phone 7 would get the upgrade to 8, possibly because of the fact that Windows Phone 8 is actually based on the underlying ideas that are being implemented in Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 8.

Microsoft is trying something innovative by completely wiping the slate clean in terms of their plans in the mobile phone market and trying to start a new. It may be too little, too late for Microsoft to get the jump on Android or iOS, especially with the lack of apps in the Windows Phone market, only having 100,000 compared to the Apple App Store having 500,000, but it’s definitely worth a shot. Microsoft is a name that people know and trust in terms of desktop operating systems so it may become the name people trust in the mobile market. With no set release date on Windows Phone 8, we’ll just have to wait and see how innovative the operating system is before we can really judge how well it will do in the mobile market. Since mobile operating systems are updating quite frequently and Android 4.0 is set to release on more phones soon, Microsoft may have picked the perfect time to test the waters of the smartphone market with Windows Phone 8.

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