M-Learning Activity Design for College English Courses

Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 2012, Volume 140/2012, 365-370
Authors: Lin Hu Jilin University of Finance and Economics
Honghua Xu Changchun University of Science and Technology
Shuying Zhuang Jilin University of Finance and Economics
Xiaohan Zhang Changchun University of Science and Technology
In this paper, L. Hu et al attempt to introduce mobile learning into a college-level English course. They promote the use of mobile devices for aiding the learning process in academia, in general. It is argued that teaching activities need to be redesigned once mobile learning devices are introduced into the classroom. They propose a seven-step mobile learning activity design model which is influenced by teaching methods, exploits mobile technology, and emphasizes the learner’s experience. The steps are as follows:
  1. Demand analysis, where the goal is to determine whether a task needs to be explained in further detail via mobile learning
  2. Design of the learning context, where the background, targets, users, events, activities and such like are determined
  3. Development of mini-activities which aim to improve the learner’s knowledge and skills
  4. Definition of the technical contexts of the learning activity
  5. Provision of a learning support service
  6. Analysis of social and technical restraints, where the former hinders interaction and collaboration, and the latter identifies lack of technical support or need for additional technical skills by the learner
  7. Design of learning analysis and assessment which influences continuous refinement of demand analysis

They believe that the (future) ubiquity of mobile systems will improve teaching efficiency significantly, and that students will become more enthusiastic about learning using mobile tools.

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