LEAD Grant Awarded

The Mobile Lab has teamed up with our friends at FSU’s College of Education, FSU Center for Leadership and Civic Education, and FSU Division of Student Affairs to bring you the:

Leadership Mobile Application LEAD

Learn, Engage, Apply, Develop

Leadership is an interdisciplinary topic, which reaches across an institution. We propose to design, develop, launch, and use for instructional activities a Leadership Mobile Application to educate students of complex leadership concepts which will be available on multiple platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, and web. It would provide FSU students an accessible way to access information on leadership in a user friendly manner. As our user community grows, on campus, throughout the state and the globe, relying on the physical classroom or retreat site to develop students’ leadership capacity is an antiquated idea. A Leadership Mobile Application, LEAD, will reach students at the exact point in time they are ready to learn how to work with others, create change, make values-based decisions, and lead their organizations, families, and communities forward.

Project Goals and Scope

First, is to enhance instruction in leadership related courses. This mobile application LEAD will be used by students who are enrolled in the LDR courses. Currently, approximately 225-250 students are enrolled in LDR courses each semester. These students are from a wide variety of FSU colleges, majors, backgrounds,
involvement on campus, some are completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies, while
others are Garnet and Gold Scholar Society members, or simply have an interest in leadership studies. The
LDR courses meet the needs of students across disciplines, which is why we feel it is critical to bring this information outside of just the classroom environment into a “leadership for all” format.

Second, we aim to reach new students. The LEAD breaks down any barrier (time demands, schedule conflicts, or geographic location) to learning leadership knowledge, skills, and values from expert Florida State faculty and staff and peer learning from experienced FSU students.

Third, is to increase students’ meaningful conversations around the topic of leadership. While we have many resources on campus relating to leadership, bringing them together through additional instructional activities through this mobile application would be beneficial to the campus community and culture of the Florida State University.

Fourth, through highlighting students who are currently leading in our community the application will build momentum for these projects and serve as inspiration for new ideas and leadership endeavors. Linking users to colleagues, peers, and mentors who are leading change efforts provides the opportunity to share the change efforts our colleagues are leading. In addition to gaining possible new followers, the stories and multimedia case studies will serve as examples to motivate the users’ own actions and ideas.
Our mobile application LEAD will create a platform where anyone can access a plethora of resources on
leadership to learn, engage, and play on their phones, tablets, and iPads. Several components will be included in this mobile application to include, but not be limited to:


  • YouTube Channel displaying videos created in LDR 2101 and LDR 2162.This is already currently being  done, but a more seamless system needs to be worked on for students in class to have easy accessibility to classmate’s videos.
  • Mini Leadership Theory Lectures – With multiple theories of leadership, these mini lectures would provide another way for students to learn about leadership.
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership Studies Information- Certificate requirements, advising information, program contact information, and plan of study form will be provided through this application.
  •  Leadership Research- Connection to articles and scholarly information pertaining to leadership will be provided. This will allow for current information to be at users fingertips.
  •  Book Reviews of popular leadership books will also be provided in a multimedia format. EDH 6081 (offered each Spring semester) Leadership and Change in Higher Education facilitated by Dr. Kathy Guthrie will create these book reviews as a class assignment.


  • Calendar of Leadership Events will be developed and maintained. These events will include both on and off campus speakers, book clubs, webinars, etc.
  • International Leadership Association website will be accessible from this platform. Eventually connection to International Leadership Association sponsored webinars will hopefully be established.
  • Leader’s Studio- Interviews with university and community leaders.
  • Leadership Development Tools, such as worksheets, skill development activities, and in the future an interactive online leadership game.


  • Leadership virtual reality game focused on knowledge, skills, and values. An actual gaming experience to teach relational leadership skills such as: ethical decision making, relationship building, team development, and organizational change strategies. A potential format for game is player is on a college campus (FSU) and surrounding community and comes upon many decisions in which takes them to different paths of their college career- some are ethical dilemmas, some use specific knowledge, skills, and values developed in the LDR courses and through programs at CLCE.

About Frank Sposaro

Frank was the initial student to start the mobile lab with Dr. Tyson. After working on the first project, iFall, he and Dr. Tyson designed the Mobile Programming course as FSU. The course is used as a training base to recruit new students into the lab. His thesis researches several medical related applications, including iFall. Frank then went on to implement the redesign of the “favorite contacts” for Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich at Google HQ in Mountain View, California. He currently acts as a tech lead in the lab getting infrastructure and project management tools setup. He has special focus on native Android coding and UI design.