Android Formatting

Expect your first code review to be tough. It’s going to take time to train yourself to write code that other will understand easily. To ease this process we recommend configuring eclipse to format your code to the correct standards. This helps both you and reviewer by eliminating potential formatting problems.

  1. Download the android-formatting.xml file
  2. Open Eclipse and go to Window->Preferences->Java->Code Style->Formatter
  3. Import the android-formatting.xml file and make sure “Android” is selected in the drop down list
  4. In eclipse go to Window->Preferences->General->Editors->Text Editors
  5. Check “Insert spaces for tabs” and make sure that “Displayed tab width” is 4
  6. Check “Show print margin” and make sure that “Print margin Columns” is 100
  7. Check “Show Whitespace characters”
  8. In eclipse go to Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Save Actions
  9. Check “Perform the selected actions on save”
  10. Check “Additional Actions” than hit configure
  11. Under the “Code Organizing” tab check “Remove trailing whitespace” for all lines and “Correct Indention”
  12. Under the “Code Style” tab remove all check marks
  13. Under the “Missing Code” tab check everything
  14. Now go to Window->Preferences->XML->XML Files->Editor
  15. Check “Split multiple attributes each on a new line”
  16. Check “indent using spaces” and make sure the value is set to 4

There you have it. Eclipse will now help you format your changes according the standards set at