Hundreds App Review

Hundreds is an Android game app released in August of this year by Semi Secret Software LLC. The puzzle requires the user to tap and grow floating circles until they add up to 100. This may seem like a simple feat but as the circles grow they turn red and become volatile. If two red circles collide, the game is over. With over a 100 levels the game can get fairly challenging, but still remains entertaining. The interface is inviting with minimal but pleasant icons and the game is simple to use and learn. The app boasts an original soundtrack and has fun sound effects. The Guardian quotes the app as, “A stylish-yet-minimal puzzle gameā€¦ It’s hard to explain, but genuinely hypnotic to play.” Designed for users aged 2 to 222, the app is family friendly and even supports 5 simultaneous touches – everyone can play at once! The only downside is that the app is not free! But if that’s not a determent, go buy Hundreds from the Android app store today [(for $5 dollars) after finals – as it will be quite the time-waster!].