How to Submit a Blog Post

Once you’ve signed in to the Mobile Lab website with your WordPress credentials (given to you earlier this semester), in the top left corner, on the menu bar, locate the word “new”.  Hover over the option link and select the word “post”.

Once inside, you will see a text editor in the center and an option column to the right. Before you begin typing your blog post, it is important to select, in the “Categories” pane, which category/categories your blog post falls under. Below the Categories pane, you will see the “Tags” pane. This is where you should list all KEYWORDS that pertain to your post. If you are tagging this post with more than one word, separate entries with a comma. After entering tags, make sure to press the “Add” button to the right.

Now it is time to begin typing. Since most of you will post Tutorials (high suggested), below is an example of how to make your post more legible when it comes to inserting code.

Your code should be enclosed in sourcecode  tags brackets. Make sure to place [ ] around the opening tag and [/ ] around the closing, where “sourcecode” goes after the forward slash. Be sure to specify the language of the code in the opening bracket of the tag. Ex: langauge=”C” To ensure that this was done correctly, you can use the “Preview” button in the top left corner of the screen, on the Publish panel.

If done correctly, code should look like this

*Without the trailing and leading spaces*

[ sourcecode language="C" ]
code here
[ /sourcecode ]


int i = 1;

while ( i ) {

printf("I'm in an infinite loop, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!\n");