Hands Free Texting While Driving

Ever received a text message while driving, and had to resist the urge to send that one quick text reply back to tell them you’re busy? Text-Less Safe Driving provides a safer alternative solution to this dilemma. This application was developed with the safety of the user in mind.

While this application is running, it listens for incoming text messages. When an incoming text message in detected and read, the application will reply to it with a user-predefined response. This predefined response allows the user to acknowledge the text message, while keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road. This is one of the three main features of this application.

Along with changing the predefined response, the application can also speak the text aloud, and has the ability for the response message to contain the user’s current location. To achieve these functionality, the application uses Android’s native android features, such as SMS text processing, database management, text-to-speech, and location sensor.

The development of Text-Less Safe Driving can be broken down into 6 distinct stages of coding :

  1. The texting component for sending texts and processing received tests.
  2. An input form for submitting the custom response message.
  3. The MySQL DB database component for saving the customized messages.
  4. The screen event for loading the custom response when the app launches.
  5. The Text-to-Speech component for speaking the texts aloud.
  6. The Location sensor component for reporting the user’s current location

Looking at these stages of one coding, coupled with the image at the bottom, one can see just how it all fits together.


Text-Less Safe UI


by Sabyasachi Patra, Prathamesh Patel, Karishma Velisetty