Google docs on mobile devices

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What started as a simple drive is now a cloud system. Full of functionality only seen before on standalone applications provided by Microsoft office. User are now able to edit documents, spreadsheet and graphics online without having to download any applications. Microsoft attempts to compete with its release of Microsoft office 360, but the majority of users are already comfortable with google docs. Google docs are free and easier to use than Microsoft tools which give google a huge advantage.

Microsoft is already working on a more comprehensive approach to google docs in order to keep Microsoft office in business, but their biggest fall is not to realize the mobile market. The market is drastically switching to tables for most business needs. They are portable, reliable, and compatible with most media devices. Google docs is taking over the market. They are building free native applications for mac portable devices and android portable devices. This will be a huge advantage against Microsoft office because the software is free and its the first of its kind. No current application is connected to google cloud documents, allows edits, uploads, download, sharing, and deletion of documents from any device.

Soon Microsoft office will be an application we used to know. The world will run free google applications to drive their business. Microsoft may or may not continue to compete, but from a business preservative they are not going to beat Google’s free multi-platform business tools.


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