GestureWrist and GesturePad: Unobtrusive Wearable Interaction Devices


This paper present 2 different devices.

First the GestureWrist is a device that goes around the user’s wrist, like a watch.

This device gathers input by combining an accelerometer with several capacitive  electrodes.

The accelerometer is used to determine the orientation of the wrist while the electrodes measure the shape of the wrist.

Leveraging the idea that the wrist changes shape depending on hand signals give this device a unique edge.

Looking at the image below you can see the shape change based on the hand signal.


This device combines an array of touch sensors to fit on piece of clothing. By retro fitting the device, any existing piece of clothing can be worn.

By placing them all over the bod the user can give discrete signals, like a baseball coach, to control devices.

Author: Jun Rekimoto
Published in:
· Proceeding
ISWC ’01 Proceedings of the 5th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers
Page 21
IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA ©2001
table of contents ISBN:0-7695-1318-2

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