FSU Route Scout for iOS

As I am sure everyone is aware, there is an FSU Route Scout application for Android. However, while this has been released, there has been a partner application, FSU Route Scout for the iOS, in parallel production. This version has the same features as the android version, such as: up to date bus routes for each FSU Metro bus and the full directory of building located with the University.

Up to Date Bus Routes

Although FSU Route Scout does not have bus tracking in it at this time, we are working closely with the FSU Transportation Department to get this implement as soon as possible to please eager students, and faculty. When a route is selected through the left menu system, the map of the area is displayed, along with your GPS location, if enabled. If the route is not running, the indicator icon to the left of the route will display a “red” icon, and if running will display a “green” icon. The routes are all pinned on the map, also displaying the bus stop name, and if the indicator icon to the right is pressed, the supposed times for the bus’s arrival at that stop is displayed elegantly on the right. Users will also notice that each route is animated, to correctly show
the direction of the bus to help students and faculty know which bus they need to get on to get to their final location.

Full Directory of FSU Buildings

With the user’s GPS location services enabled, the application will be able to tell you how far you are from a certain building, on campus. When the building is selected, a pin is dropped on the map to indicate the location of the building. When the button is pressed, the building name and address are displayed cleanly on the map. Soon to be implemented is a way to allow the students to request directions to a specific building or location on campus, and the application will be able to show the user what bus route would be the quickest, and easiest, way to arrive there.


Additional Information

FSU Route Scout for the iOS Platform is an always evolving project, and is always up for new ideas. This project is slated for an early August 2013 release date.

About Alex Muller

Alex Muller is an undergrad at FSU. He joined the lab after presenting promising skill in the Mobile Programming class with development in iOS. His strengths include Objective-C and User Interface Design. As an the Lead iOS Developer in the lab, Alex hopes to extend his research to aid those in need by the means of mobile development.