First Day

Greetings to all newcomers in our Mobile Programming Course.

Hope your excite to learn some cool stuff and make some sweet apps.
Head on over to our QA.  site for more information about signing up for the first day of class.
Once you complete that process you will be receiving your logins and codes (thanks to Mark Murphy).

About Frank Sposaro

Frank was the initial student to start the mobile lab with Dr. Tyson. After working on the first project, iFall, he and Dr. Tyson designed the Mobile Programming course as FSU. The course is used as a training base to recruit new students into the lab. His thesis researches several medical related applications, including iFall. Frank then went on to implement the redesign of the “favorite contacts” for Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich at Google HQ in Mountain View, California. He currently acts as a tech lead in the lab getting infrastructure and project management tools setup. He has special focus on native Android coding and UI design.