Do you guys focus solely on mobile development?

No. There are several members of the lab working on other areas of interest including web development and projects using microcontrollers including the Arduino, IOIO and Raspberry PI.

When will you be offering an iOS course?

We have been actively working with the Computer Science Department and Apple’s University program to make this course available. Stay tuned and check the “Courses” tag for announcements.

Do you guys do anything with Windows 8/Windows Phone?

Yes.  The Mobile Lab recently held an information session on getting started with development for Windows 8. In the Spring of 2013, we will officially be adopting Windows Phone as a apart of our Mobile Programming class. We will still offer other topics in Mobile Programming and students are able to retake the class for credit if the content is in a different area.

Can I contribute content (blog posts or tutorials) to the mobile site if I am not part of the Mobile Lab or taking the mobile class?

Yes.  We would like for anyone with expertise in the area to give their two cents and give insight to anyone else visiting the site.  Please contact the site administrator to request access.

How do I build Android from source?

To compile for the Galaxy Nexus, follow these instructions: http://mobile.cs.fsu.edu/compile-cyanogenmod-10-for-galaxy-nexus/ To build for the Nexus 7, follow these instructions: http://mobile.cs.fsu.edu/compile-cyanogenmod-10-for-nexus-7/