Are you hiring?

Yes. We are always looking for highly motivated students. Students are encouraged to apply for an internship. We call for resumes at the beginning of the semester. Make sure you subscribe to our social media feeds to get the announcement.

We also offer paid appointments on a semesterly basis to those interns that are a good fit.

Do you guys focus solely on mobile development?

No. There are several members of the lab working on other areas of interest including web development and projects using microcontrollers including the Arduino, IOIO and Raspberry PI.

What are the benefits of interning at The Mobile Lab @ FSU?

Interning with The Mobile Lab @ FSU is a great way to add experience to your résumé. In the past, students have interned with companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft as well as local companies and start-ups.

Can I contribute content (blog posts or tutorials) to the mobile site if I am not part of the Mobile Lab or taking the mobile class?

Yes.  We would like for anyone with expertise in the area to give their two cents and give insight to anyone else visiting the site.  Please contact the site administrator to request access.

What research opportunities are available in the mobile lab?

With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, security and privacy are at the forefront of research. For example, malware detection. Other topics in which research opportunities exist include architecture, networking, and many interdisciplinary fields such as human computer interaction and UI/UX. The mobile lab is very self-driven, students are encouraged to pursue individual interests within the realm of mobile technology.