Does Your Phone Need Some Assist-ance?

When Siri first came out, all iPhone users would rave about how great it is at answering any question you have for it. Questions ranging from, “How is the weather outside today?” to “Can you tell me a joke?” This makes Android users wonder, what’s next for Android? What kind of Artificial Intelligence will Android have in order to compete with Siri?

Although Android has “Voice Actions,” it is not as great as Siri. This is because Voice Actions is less personal and less conversational. Android can do better! There is a new project named “Assistant” (previously called Majel) created by Google which is to be released at the end of 2012. In using Voice Actions, key words are needed such as “call”, “listen”, or “map of.” With Assistant, actions may be performed by the user saying whatever he/she wants without using having to know which key words to use. Assistant is even further enhanced with the ability to control phone actions such as turning on and off the phone or switching to airplane mode.

Assistant is designed off of the computer based on Start Trek. It is said that users will start Assistant by saying “Computer…” As said in the article “Google’s Project Assistant Gets More Interesting By The Day” if you, the user, ask Assistant to show the statue of liberty then the user will be taken to Google results. However, underneath that there will be a Google Maps of the location of the Statue of Liberty, and underneath that there will be a Wikipedia page of the Statue of Liberty.

According to the article “Google’s Majel Now Called Assistant, Slated for Q4 Launch” there are three key parts that come with Google’s Assistant.

1.) Put the knowledge of the world into a way that the computer can comprehend.

2.) Do something personal and get information on human interaction.

3.) Make Assistant less focused on getting search results and more focused on real-life goals and accomplishments.

Assistant is planning to blow Siri out of the water!

In my opinion, this is wonderful. I am intrigued to see what Android has to offer. It is usually a constant battle between Android and Apple. When one succeeds the other one does better. It is time for Android to shine and outperform Apple. I can’t wait!


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