Assignment #2

So you already got your feet wet with making your first Windows 8 app. The vast majority of the class did very well creating a “real” application. For this assignment I still want to give you creative control over the novel application you wish to make, however I will impose the following goals.

  • Follows Windows UX guidelines closely. Your app should be laid out like a Windows 8 App (not just random UI elements). You’d better get familiar with these because we are only gonna get stricter and stricter about sticking to them.
  •  Use the “async” and “await” keywords. I want you to do something asynchronous. Can be anything like a network operation or simply reading from a file.
  • Take advantage of the app bar. Whatever you chose to use it for is fine, but I want to see items in the app bar that make sense and follow conventional design.
  • Use data binding. Can be one-way, two-way, or one-way from source. You can also choose to bind anything (CLR objects, XAML controls, XML file) from anywhere (XAML or C#).
  • Contain several pages (no one pagers this time).
  • Be a “complete” application. It an be very simple, however it must be complete. As mentioned, no just throwing elements on the page. Also I should not get “stuck” when navigating.

Don’t try to make your app too complicated and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Plus you want to save some of those good ideas for the projects.

About Frank Sposaro

Frank was the initial student to start the mobile lab with Dr. Tyson. After working on the first project, iFall, he and Dr. Tyson designed the Mobile Programming course as FSU. The course is used as a training base to recruit new students into the lab. His thesis researches several medical related applications, including iFall. Frank then went on to implement the redesign of the “favorite contacts” for Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich at Google HQ in Mountain View, California. He currently acts as a tech lead in the lab getting infrastructure and project management tools setup. He has special focus on native Android coding and UI design.