Android Wearables and Phones AND Iron Man/Batman/Godzilla

There is new technology arising all around the world. I’m talking about android wearable devices. These devices may look like ordinary watches but they hold a whole lot more potential than any old watch. They will even be more useful than a Rolex! These devices are powered by android 4.4.w; wear!

Wearables can be used independently or in synchronous with your android phones. The wearables work similarly to phones such as they respond to swipe gestures, contain apps, and even use voice recognition. That right, all you have to say is “OK Google”. Though this technology is new and spreading like wild fire, the technology has barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. Soon you will be able to utilize your device to fire rockets, call your Iron Man suit, signal Batman, and radio in Godzilla to save the day.

But really, there is a huge market right now for developing applications for android wear. Currently the most common uses of android wear are: reading emails, making/receiving phone calls, searching the internet via voice command, and listening to music. Of course that’s not the complete list. The devices are only limited to the hardware they can pack into the small things on your wrist. Soon there will be micro technology for GPS, scanning, cameras, and a bunch more. I’d say if you can, get your hands… or at least your wrist on one of these devices and get in to developing for them!