Android and IPhone cross platform programming with C#.

As a software geek you have probably heard of the Mono project. For those who haven’t,  it’s a cross platform implementation of the .Net framework, Common Language Runtime (CLR), associated compiler, and IDE.  Even if you are familiar with the Mono project, you may not know that Xamarin (formerly Novell), the creators of the project, also have tools for writing apps for both Android and IOS. The toolsets, Mono for Android and MonoTouch, allow you to write entire market and app store ready applications using C# and .Net constructs such as Linq. As a bonus of both toolkits using a common language, it becomes possible to share large portions of code between apps written for IOS, Android, and by virtue of being CLR compatible, Windows Phone. So go check out the Mono tools. They are free development for targeting the emulator. You can find introductory tutorials at:

Hello World IPhone

Hello World Android