Amazon’s Mobile Empire

Amazon is expected to expand the kindle line of mobile devices with 5 to 6 new tablet devices. Amazon’s launch of the Kindle Fire last year has convinced the company to make more devices for its growing mobile business. Amazon policy is to expand every web services it has under its umbrella to all kindle mobile device owner and it has a lot of content that needs to be sold. Recent job listings have indicated amazon is preparing to launch a mobile phone and a 10 inch tablet to compete directly with a certain popular device, Apple’s Ipad. As of right now apple has not seen any real competition in this category from any manufacture. Well that’s about to change, Apple say hello to Amazon, Amazon has been preparing for this moment for a very long time. Amazon began to prepare when they released their own app store, mp3 store, eBook store and finally a streaming video service. With all these services on hand a release of a mobile device and a 10 inch tablet is a no brainer. I believe the Kindle Fire was a precursor for this rapid expansion, with the data they have accumulated from the sale of the Kindle Fire. Amazon not only has the data but they now have the tech to grow their mobile empire to unpresented levels. Amazon couldn’t have picked a better opportunity to launch these new devices especially after Google’s recent announcement of the Google nexus 7.

Rich content, classic reading capability

If Amazon releases a smartphone to go along with their plan release of 5 to 6 new devices then they will enter a market that is heavily dominated by Samsung and Apple. Can anyone say the Kindle Ember; Amazon mobile empire would not be complete until they enter the mobile phone market. Amazon’s advantage in this space is that they already have their own ever expanding app store to support their own smartphone, with this addition to their hardware lineup they will quickly become one of the biggest tech companies in the market.

Amazon biggest obstacle will be innovation if they cannot create new technologies then they will fall like the rest of the tech players trying to find its place in this ever growing mobile market. The web browser Amazon silk is a good start for Amazon to distinguish them from the rest of the pack. But they need more than a speedy web browser if they plan to launch 6 new devices and I believe Amazon executives have the right mentality. One of Amazon executives was recounted as saying “”He said, ‘the goal of Kindle was to enable a system to allow someone to buy any book ever published, and have it delivered anywhere in the world in 60 seconds. It’s time to think bigger.” With this philosophy at hand Amazon’s aspirations can become a reality especially with help of Lab 126. Lab 126 is Amazon’s state of the art research and design lab. Lab 126 would be responsible for releasing and supporting the new line of mobile devices. Before the release of the Kindle Fire, Lab 126 had 500 employees, that number has now balloon to 865 engineers. With such a large staff the possibilities for Amazon are infinite.