Alibaba’s mobile OS

The two biggest players in the smart phone market are Android operating system by Google, and iOS by Apple. I would not be surprised if this “Holy War” between Apple and Google became a three-way battle in the future.   Alibaba is the biggest e-commerce giant in China. The company claims the record for the largest initial public offering in the US not long ago.  This help Alibaba to raised funds to compete with Google in area of infrastructure, data center and cloud computing. The company is broadening its scope and branching out into all aspect of Internet. It already has its own mobile OS, search engines and messaging app.  Even though it is not well known besides users in China but I can see them making some noise.


Alibaba’s own mobile operating system calls “YunOS”. Consider by Google is a fork but incompatible version of Android. Like Android, it use a Linux based platform with android run time. It means that some but not all of Android apps will work on YunOS. But it also wants to offer more. YunOS is a cloud-based OS. The users do not need to download and store apps and content in its phone, everything is stored on remote network servers, via the cloud.


We will probably not see YunOS outside of China anytime soon. However if they want to compete with Google, they will have to make a compelling Eco-system for their YunOS. They have enough cash to do it. Let’s see if they make the move and provide the consumers with more choices.