Access Bugzilla From Your Android Device

I’m proud to announce that “Bugz: Bugzilla Client” has officially been released on the android market and is receiving a steady stream of installs. The application was created as a group project for the Mobile Programming class here at FSU. Bugz allows you to access any bugzilla installation that accepts JSON remote procedure calls, which is all versions greater than 3.6.

Bugz is only the 4th android client for bugzilla available on the android market. The application has a base class whose functions are inherited by the rest of the application’s classes. This class is not android-specific and is comprised of java functions that get and set information from any bugzilla installation as well as numerous helper functions that will dramatically shorten development time for any future java-based bugzilla application deployed on any platform.

One of our goals with this project is to release our base class’ code as a java bugzilla webservice API that other developers can use to create other bugzilla clients, mobile or otherwise.

It should be noted that Bugz is still a beta. So if you encounter any bugs while using Bugz be sure to sign up to use the Mobile Lab’s bugzilla installation and let us know about it! Or leave us a comment on our android market developer’s page here.

Download “Bugz: Bugzilla Client” For Free Here

About Shamari Feaster

Shamari Feaster is a 5th year senior pursuing undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Management Information Systems at FSU. He specializes in web application development but is proficient in Android Java programming, PHP, Javascript, and C++. He is currently employed as a mobile application designer/developer.