8 Cool Features of Android L

Flappy Bird Easter egg:

With each new version of Android comes a new “Easter egg”. For Lollipop Google decided feature a Flappy Bird game. Tap the Android version a number of times, then, long press the giant lollipop to launch the game. You can find the version number under Settings > About.

Double tap to wake:

With the new version of Android, Google has made ways to make the device more user friendly. Users can now double tap the screen and wake the phone to instantly access notifications. No more power button to wake the phone.

Guest Mode:

Multiple accounts is something that has been around on PCs for years, but, with the new version of Android, Google has decided to introduce this.  Guest Mode works on both tablets and devices and creates a workspace that anyone can use. Guess can quickly log into their account and data inside the accounts is easy to remove any time.

Priority Mode:

Google decided to make some major enhancements in Lollipop to the notifications. By going into Setting>Sound & Notification>App Notifications a user can specify which app to get notifications from. When setting this up, users even have the option to choose when notifications go back to normal.

Enhanced Notification:

Android now features a new Heads-up Notification function. You can respond to a notification and dismiss it without having to leave the app you are currently using. This can be very useful if you are in a phone call or while playing a game. No more interruptions. There is also a notification drawer from the lock screen and double tapping on the notification can now take you to that particular app.

Cross-Device Interaction:

Ever got a new phone and upon receiving it, had to set up all your preferences and settings to your liking again. Android has never been good about porting your settings from an old phone to a new phone but Android L seeks to fix this problem. You can now pair your devices with NFC, then, using Bluetooth you can send over all the details of your old phone to the new phone. It does not only end there. Android Lollipop seeks to sync your songs, apps and even recent searches across all devices.

The Battery:

Lollipop is expected to bring great improvements to the mobile device’s battery life. Android L will feature a built in battery saver that detects when the battery life is low. You can set when this mode will take effect whether that may be 15% or 5% battery life remaining. Android L also lets you know what apps are killing your battery juice and will let you know how much power you’ll save by turning off these apps. It also has the neat feature that will let you know how long the phone will take to charge once plugged in.

Android Smart Lock:

More ways to secure your device. By pairing your device with a trusted device like a wearable or even your car, Android L allows you to unlock your device by recognizing this device. No more pins or trace the patterns. Just unlock your device with the power button when the paired device is within range. Move the two devices away from each other and it will force you to enter a pin or pattern lock.



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